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What's this all about?

We're here to share our burning love for underground and under-reported food cultures in one of the most famous cities in the world.

Here in Las Vegas, we’re more than buffets and 99-cent shrimp cocktails. Our Thai temple feasts, wild game hunters, halal butchers and late-night Hawaiian eats say so much more about the communities that make up one of the most diverse cities in the country.

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Meet your hosts

Kristy with dog.jpg

Kristy Totten

Kristy is an Emmy award-winning journalist and producer at Nevada Public Radio, with bylines at NPR, Rolling Stone and Vice. When she’s not producing radio, you can find her prowling the city for good eats and great dive bars. (Seriously, send your favs.) In her free time, she enjoys expensive cheese and cheap tacos.


Sonja Swanson

Sonja is a writer who recently returned to Las Vegas after seven years in Korea, during which she taught on a Fulbright grant, worked in corporate advertising, and helped launch Time Out Seoul. She has bylines in T Magazine, Esquire, Eater and Serious Eats. There is always something fermenting in her kitchen, and only sometimes by accident.

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