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Bonus ep: June 2019 updates

Hello Spicy Eyes listeners! We've got some updates for you in between episodes. Thanks, as always, for your patience and for tuning in — we put a lot of work into research, field recording and producing this show, which takes time! But in the meantime, here's what's up in this bonus episode.

We got a chance to hang out with some very cool Las Vegas podcasts:

Jacob, Alison, Kristy & Sonja sit at a white tablecloth dinner holding mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream. The lighting is dim and there are rows of black and white photographs filling the wall behind them.
Jacob, Alison, Kristy & Sonja at dinner
  • Alison and Jacob of Wild & Free took us to Battista's Hole in the Wall, an old school red sauce Italian classic, and we recorded some sounds at dinner (an accordion player makes an appearance)

  • Kristy hung out with Cheftimony host Graham MacLennan and they sat down with Chef Jamie Tran at Black Sheep (find the episode preview and a mini interview with Kristy here!)

Emmanuel Ortega, Erika Abad, and Justin Favela sit at a table facing a crowd of listeners while smiling and gesturing to the audience. The Latinos Who Lunch logo is projected on the screen behind them in vivid lime green.
Emmanuel Ortega, Erika Abad, and Justin Favela in conversation at UNLV's Barrick Museum
  • We went to a Latinos Who Lunch live show at UNLV's Barrick Museum, and got a very sweet shout out (thank you to Babelito & FavyFav!). Keep your eyes peeled for that episode, featuring guest Professor Erika Abad, coming soon.

We also answer a few questions from friends of Spicy Eyes:

👯‍♀️ How did we meet?

💆‍♀️ What's our favorite nostalgic food?

🌶 What's the spiciest thing we've ever tried?

Yep, you'll have to tune in to find out!

A collage of 4 images: One of the farm dinner table; one of some chickens staring at the camera from behind some chicken wire; one is a close-up of a beautiful salad with lettuce, carrots, croutons and caesar dressing, and one is a view from the farm porch of a shady tree and the produce growing in the background.
Scenes from the Cluck-It Farm x Desert Bread farm dinner in May

Last but not least, we're sharing not just one, but TWO daily nuggets with you in this bonus episode! The first daily nugget features farmer Amanda Yeckel, who gave us a tour of her beautiful property at Cluck-It Farm after a farm dinner collaboration with Desert Bread in May. FYI, the farm is opening up registration for the fall CSA program.

This is a two-photo collage: In the first photo, Kristy leans over the bar to record Sungjoon Koo explaining a cocktail. In the second photo, Sungjoon, wearing a canvas apron with leather straps, grins in the background while two cocktails sit in the foreground on the granite bar.
Kristy records bartender Sungjoon Koo

Daily nugget #2 comes to us from our friend Sungjoon Koo, a photographer and bartender running the bar program at the brand-new Sushi Kame on Spring Mountain Rd. He shows us how he puts a cocktail together — lots of great shaker sounds!

This episode was produced by Kristy Totten. The outro music was composed by Jeremy Klewicki.

That's all for today! Thanks everyone.

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