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Contributor Spotlight: Photographer Jeff Scheid

A black and white profile image of photographer Jeff Scheid, a middle-aged white male with close-cropped hair and a shy smile.
Hi Jeff! (Photo courtesy of Jeff Scheid)

Every once in a while, between episodes, we'll be showcasing some of the friends who've helped us bring Spicy Eyes to life. Today, it's Jeff Scheid, a veteran photographer and longtime Las Vegas resident with over 30 years under his belt. Jeff has been documenting some of the scenes, stories and people we've met while reporting on Spicy Eyes stories.

In addition to being a massively talented photographer, Jeff is also a world traveler and pretty darn good home cook (we'll be crashing a dinner at his place soon!). Here are his answers to our contributor questions:

1. What would you say your specialty is, career-wise? What are your favorite things to cover?

Being a photojournalist for nearly 40 years of shooting I have gone from photographing sports, news, features, portrait, food and travel. I’ve tried to excel on all the visual genres. But through the years I always go back to feature photography. At this point I have a long list of personal projects that I am working that is taking me from life on a Basque sheep ranch in Central Nevada to continue my portrait project on the African American community in Las Vegas. I really want to visually explore the old west and new west in Nevada because the state has both. Photographing the presidential candidates making campaign stops in Las Vegas for The Nevada Independent is really a treat. A lot of emotions from both political groups.

2. How would you describe your photography style?

I grew up reading Life Magazine and National Geographic. What I learned is how the photographers make sure the images told a story. I later studied the works of W. Eugene Smith, Eddie Adams, Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh. Another person than influenced me was western artist Charlie Russell. There was a restaurant/bar in my hometown in Montana that had an intensive collection of Russell prints and I would spend hours studying his style. So my photography style is really eclectic.

3. What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

Like photography I go through phases in my cooking. A couple weeks ago I did Moroccan tagine, today I will make Korean short ribs. One of my favorite things to do is to travel to another country and learn how to make the food, then come back and do a theme dinner and a travel slideshow for my friends. I'm still trying to make egg rolls because mine look like cigars.

An overhead close up shot of pad thai being cooked in a dark black wok while a blurry spatula stirs the mung bean and noodle mixture.
Pad Thai at the Chaiya Meditation Monastery (photo by Jeff Scheid)

4. What's your favorite restaurant meal in Las Vegas?

I really miss Christmas Eve at Andre’s. The restaurant was located on Sixth Street in downtown Las Vegas. With the food scene expanding daily in Las Vegas my favorite is changing all the time. But if you want to nail me down to one, I will say having Sunday dim sum at Orchid Gardens on Sahara. I enjoy getting a large round table to dine and hang out with friends and family.

Thanks for reading! Stayed tuned for more photos from Jeff on the Spicy Eyes blog and Instagram. You can also find Jeff on Twitter.

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